Saturday, 16 July 2011

Breathtaking Baltistan

Huge old trees, fresh air, bright blue sky surround you, while water runs from the streams, and awe-inspiring mountains dominate the horizon.

The Karakorum range as seen from Shigar.

A local Balti child looking out from the window of a house in Shigar.

The Karakorum range as seen from Sighar.

The Satpara lake.

An elderly Balti from Khaplu.

On way to Babu Sar Pass.

A Balti girl outside her house in Khaplu.

Girls walking to school in uniform. On the right is the Shigar fort.

Hay being dried in the sun in Nera Khaplun, a common practice in that area. The Karakoram mountains can be seen on the horizon.

On the way from Khaplu to Shigar.

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