Saturday, 16 July 2011

Breathtaking Baltistan

Huge old trees, fresh air, bright blue sky surround you, while water runs from the streams, and awe-inspiring mountains dominate the horizon.

The Karakorum range as seen from Shigar.

A local Balti child looking out from the window of a house in Shigar.

The Karakorum range as seen from Sighar.

The Satpara lake.

An elderly Balti from Khaplu.

On way to Babu Sar Pass.

A Balti girl outside her house in Khaplu.

Girls walking to school in uniform. On the right is the Shigar fort.

Hay being dried in the sun in Nera Khaplun, a common practice in that area. The Karakoram mountains can be seen on the horizon.

On the way from Khaplu to Shigar.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Temporarily Stop Symantec EndPoint Protection

Go to 'Control Panel', then 'Administrative Tools' and 'Services'.
Here look for all services related to Symantec EndPoint. Stop all of them.
You can start whenever you like.